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Laura L,

I've been doing the meditation challenge with Laura and it's honestly changed my life! I have practiced meditation on and off for a while now but the challenge of consistency has been so beneficial. 



I have a few underlying health conditions and would be anxious/stressful. So many people I know rave about the benefits of meditation...more so over weeks of practice. So I felt your class was the right opportunity for me to get into, form a habit!


I love how you begin with a stretch in the morning, I feel that is really needed!! I also love how you experiment with different forms of breathing, and the simplicity of asking; what do you need today.

Thanks Laura, your doing a great job!"


"If you have a stressful job, or are the type of person (like me) who tends to over-think or ruminate over things, meditation is really a game changer.


Laura is a really good teacher, i've learnt so many different styles of breathing that i have used during the day when work or lockdown craic or whatever gets in on me.


You can tell she puts time/effort into her content and each day is different so you are constantly learning.



If you are thinking of giving it a go, don't hesitate! It is without doubt

one of the best things i have ever committed to."


Practicing meditation has made such a palpable difference in my daily life.


Investing twenty minutes in myself to simply breathe and listen, has given me a sense of peace, presence and calm, which I think we all need right now.


honestly believe you will never regret putting a little time aside to look after yourself, and meditating is such a positive and productive way in which to spend that time.


Hi Laura, I am really enjoying my morning meditation class with you, initially I didn’t think it would be for me and only signed on to support the charity.


Now I miss it at weekends, it gives me a focus to crawl out of the bed in the morning and I always feel so much better after it and now I’m even trying to do it in the evening myself.


I would recommend it to everyone, it’s something we should all be able to practice.

Thanks again.


"I find the meditation class is a game changer, I’ve a way to calm my mind and de-stress and start the day much happier, lighter and more grateful.


I also love the variety of techniques you teach us. I had never done mediation before this January and while I have missed the odd morning as sometimes 8am is tough for me, I won’t lie I always notice the mornings I’ve done it that I am more productive and ready to face the day.


So thanks a million for introducing me to meditation and keep up the good work


"I love your meditation classes  and all your other classes too. Mediation is a great start to the day, It gives you a clear mindset.


I have always done meditation and yoga but maybe not everyday, but now it's  part of my routine , I would not miss it any day.


As I work from home, I bring in meditation into my work life, maybe doing my breathing before a zoom meeting or webinar. I work in the Health and Wellness sector so Im telling all my colleagues to start meditation."

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