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Meditate with Laura
Finding Peace in a Hectic World

In 21 Days you will learn to meditate as well as master mindfulness and breathing techniques that will help you for the rest of your life. If you want to feel calmer, less anxious and more connected then this course is for you!


Tap into the Power of Meditation

Having a consistent meditation practice is one of the most life changing and rewarding things you can do for yourself.  It is simple to do, instantly rewarding and will change your life for the better.

Press play for a preview of what's to come during our three weeks together.

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

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Heres How the Course Works

✨ You will have immediate and full access to all 21 Meditation classes & all bonus content forever once you have paid. It's a once off payment and that's it

✨ The classes are Audio and Video Based. Do them at your own pace and time

 Also included is some bonus material to enhance your practice;

✨ Gratitude Journal

✨ Affirmation Booklet

✨ Weekly Reflection Exercise

✨ Self Love Exercise

✨ Limiting Beliefs Exercise

✨ Manifestation Exercise

✨ Ted Talk, Movie & Book Recommendations

✨ Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group where we can help and motivate each other

All you have to do is click the join now button and start your journey with me today. 

A better mindset and life is just click away

Lets Find Peace and Calm in this Hectic World Together


Attract more of what you want